The action? Only thematically

You are waiting for a concert, a festival or a match and you want to show which group or team you really belong to. Buy the clothes that everyone else has and blend in with the crowd but it's not the best. Also, themed clothing is often sold out or not of your size. Sometimes it can happen that only a limited edition is produced and you no longer have the chance to get the same. What do you do yourself like this?
Play by yourself
Everyone will want to know where you bought this great T-shirt. You will be completely different, you can think of the printing of T-shirts yourself. For example, if you have a photo with your star, why not show it?  Put the biggest hits or the most successful matches on your back. It's up to you. Anyway, you always express your admiration of the original and your tastes. And you'll never get lost in the crowd.

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