Amazes your Priateľov

Ak you prefer Skôr Skrášlenie stredobodu vašej Izby, then the plan pre you preferably Dizajnová, Ktorá on Seba ihneď Pritiahnu. The central, well-worn, temperature-sensitive, light-boiling room lights you and the right-chosen Czech ICE will be great, and your Priateľov would be amazed. A light Reťaze Do you decorate with linen, for example, Nástenku, shelves or … Read moreAmazes your Priateľov

We are expanding our team

The psychiatric hospital in Dobřany in Plzeň – South District is currently looking for a new employee, welcoming are mainly doctors and graduates with specialised qualification in Psychialy, but also in the field of neurology, orthopedics and pulmonary and internal medicine. We appreciate the experienced doctors, we give the graduates the opportunity to get the … Read moreWe are expanding our team

Accommodation for those who want to enjoy a lot of experiences

Hotel Kolín offers accommodation for those who want to enjoy a lot of experiences on which they will not forget. Our Vigvam is definitely not a regular hotel, we offer our guests a lot more. You can stay in rooms that are equipped with private bathrooms and private bathroom facilities. If you are looking for … Read moreAccommodation for those who want to enjoy a lot of experiences

First-place Design

Who would not want a beautiful and all the admiring interior? If you are going to renovate or arrange a new apartment or house, we have something for you, where you can choose one hundred percent. Furniture Plzeň guarantees you the widest possible selection of super pieces for your kitchen, living rooms, anteroom or even … Read moreFirst-place Design