Part of each apartment

According to many specialists who are engaged in modern interior design, every apartment that has somehow to look to the world should contain certain elements. Distinctly coloured wall, sparingly chosen seat and originality. Although the last point is the hardest, we have the opportunity to get the necessary originality completely without any problems. Try to … Read morePart of each apartment

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Shielding from wood fabrics

Wooden blinds seem too ordinary, then you will surely be attracted by the shielding from wooden fabrics. The fabrics are very soft, so you would probably not argue that they are made of wood. Wooden fabrics have a rich use-vertical blinds, shutters or panel sliding doors. They also have a simple mechanical control with two … Read moreShielding from wood fabrics

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Envelope that lasts

Are you surprised that you often pull a wet letter from the mailbox or a catalog of goods? Are you surprised that, especially during the winter and the outdoor location of the box, there is no certainty that the printed matter will come to the chase?   Plain paper is immediately soaked in the case of … Read moreEnvelope that lasts

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Trivia that play a major role

The workshop furniture facilitates the work of all those who are worth it. B2B Partner is a fascinating supplier of all necessary parts of individual equipment, among which we can also arrange tool boxes, assembly trucks, industrial mats and flooring or hanging panels for tools. Is your operation or a DIY worker all equipped? If … Read moreTrivia that play a major role

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Platforms of all kinds and uses

We deal with assembly and delivery of electrical systems, such as telecommunication or security. Another of our activities is that we rent different forklifts to facilitate work at heights. Our company has its seat in Olomouc. Towing and car platforms are suitable for repairing roofs, cleaning gutters, removing icicles and snow, repairing facades, felling trees … Read morePlatforms of all kinds and uses

Kitchen cabinets

We offer you beautiful and practical kitchen lines. In addition to them, we offer a plethora of various furniture in your apartment, for example, beds, cabinets, tables and tables, chairs and armchairs, rattan furniture, garden furniture, bathroom furniture, living walls, in short, everything you can remember. Kitchen cabinets need to be selected carefully and wisely, … Read moreKitchen cabinets