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How to watch live?


If you are based in the UK there are a number of ways you can watch football online. Not all matches for each club are available, however, the quality is superb and commentary are from top UK pundits.

Sky Sports

This is the most popular way UK football fans watch football on TV, and now they have an online streaming access for mobile and tablet users.

To access, sign up to Sky:

BT Sports

Compared to Sky Sports, this is a newer service. Simular high quality streams. We belive the pundits on Sky Sports are of a better quality however BT Sports still provide very good coverage.

To access, sign up to Sky:

How to watch live?


If you are based outside of the UK there are other streaming resources you maybe to access depending on your country channel and streaming laws. We strictly do not host any live streams and recommend you check before accessing any stream.

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Live stream 2

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